Dj Nak

Video Dj / Crooklyn Clan Visual Artist / Smash Vision Video Remixer

DJ Nak, hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a force that cannot be stopped in the Video DJ world. Playing at some of the biggest clubs and smallest lounges in YEG, as well as large-scale private functions and various other venues through out Alberta, has given him the ability to adapt quickly to grasp a read of the crowd before him.


Being a open format DJ, when DJ Nak made the jump into Video DJing, he wanted to stay true to his open format roots and, at the same time, true to his new found love for Video DJing, and with that, the quest for content began, digging and searching for hard to find video to create custom content. With the desire to not stray away from his audio roots, but to bring another level of excitement and entertainment into the mix, DJ Nak quickly gained notice from some of the worlds best video content providers. Vj-Pro/Smash Vision asked him to come on board as a featured remix video editor and shortly after that the world renowned Crooklyn Clan did the same. Not only is DJ Nak providing quality Audio/Video entertainment locally, his video remixes and edits are being played all over North America and Worldwide.

 As one of Crooklyn Clans latest additions to their Video DJ roster, DJ Nak, a long time video DJ/remixer is making waves in the video DJ community as one of the hottest Video DJ's in Canada. Quickly becoming a charting Video DJ, and soon landing the #1 Monthly artist multiple months along with climbing the all time artist charts to land currently at #10 among some of the best Video DJ/ Re-mixers in the world. 

Producing some of the finest bootleg/remix and mash-up videos for Crooklyn Clan, and Vj-Pro/Smash Vision gives DJ Nak the ability to generate energy and excitement not only for the ears, but also the eyes, along with his diverse music video knowledge and ability to read any crowd. From Rock To Hip Hop, Soul To Pop, Electro To Freestyle, Twerk To Trap, being able to exclusively play a night in almost any format DJ Nak or do what he does best and seamlessly blend them all together!

From the old days of internet radio broadcasts , to his Live Video Mix Series on Vimeo, Dj Nak has always felt it necessary to show his talents by recording live mixes as they were made and delivering exactly that to the audience. Having done this, his video mixes have received thousands of downloads and tens of thousands of views. Be sure to check out the video mixes tab and watch for yourself!

DJ Nak specializes in bringing music to life with stunning quality visuals, from the biggest clubs to your friendly neighborhood pub. Contact us today to have DJ Nak at your Event/Venue

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